Opening ceremony of ELASTOMIX MEXICO, S.A. DE C. V. was held


 On May 30, ELASTOMIX MEXICO, S.A. DE C. V. (President: Kimihiko Matsuura, abbreviated EXSA) held an opening ceremony at its plant (Castro del Rio Industrial Estate in Irapuato Province, Guanajuato, Mexico).

At the ceremony, we invited people from Guanajuato State Government and Irapuato City Government officials, executives of industrial parks, customers' automobile rubber parts manufacturers, related business partners and Japanese companies within the industrial estate as guests, and a total of about 80 people have attended.

ELASTOMIX S. A. DE C. V. is the first production base in the Americas region for the ELASTOMIX Group. Among Mexico that has grown into one of the world's leading automobile producing countries, we will conduct business in the central highland area (Bajio Area) which is the largest concentration place of automobile industry.
We will utilize the technical capabilities of ELASTOMIX Group that we have cultivated so far to meet the needs of our customers.

<Outline of the new company>
2. Location:      Rio San Lorenzo No.619, Parque Tecnoindustrial Castro del Rio, Irapuato, Gunajuato 36810, Mexico
3. Representative:     Kimihiko Matsuura
4. Business description:   Manufacture and sales of CMB
5. Capital:         US$ 5.14 million
6. Establishment date:     February 17, 2017



Economic development vice director of Guanajuato state Froilan Salas, Economic development director of Irapuato Fernando Vera and Partner of Marabis Fernando Pascual were attending our ceremony. 
And Executive managing officer of JSR Koichi Kawasaki, Managing officer of JSR Hayato Hirano and President of Elastomix Kazushi Abe were attending on behalf of JSR group.