ELASTOMIX’s New Carbon Masterbatch Plant in Tianjin Completed, with Production Scheduled to Commence in May


ELASTOMIX Co., Ltd. (Emix) is pleased to announce that a new carbon masterbatch (CMB) plant in Tianjin, China, has been completed. Construction of the plant was part of the Group’s measures to relocate the existing production base in Tianjin. Commercial production at the new plant is scheduled to commence in May 2013. By relocating production lines gradually to the new plant and also establishing new lines at the plant, we are striving not only to respond to the needs of Japanese-affiliated automotive parts manufacturers, our major customers, but also to expand our sales channels to local manufacturers.

In China, this new plant at Tianjin Kuo Cheng Rubber Industry Co., Ltd., as well as the plants in Foshan and Fuzhou, serves as our base for promoting the CMB business.
Also in the ASEAN region, as already announced, we will strengthen our production and provision systems in Thailand and Indonesia. By utilizing these bases, we aim to respond flexibly and promptly to changes in the market, hereby accelerating our global development strategy for the CMB business.